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Jaaguranna Flower Camp
Jaaguranna Lillelaager  Seliste küla 88103, Tõstamaa vald, Pärnumaa.
Jaak Tomson

Ph. +372 555 63 639

Jaaguranna Flower Camp is located 42 km away from Pärnu. Just an hour of driving and you will find yourself in the company of 17 chirping parrots and golden fishes wondering in aquarium in the main building, its  windows facing beautiful sea shore view. Please, do inform us about you intention to come and visit us here by phone 55563639. You are welcome to use the same phone number to book for sauna and massage, or to get any other information.

Jaaguranna Flower Camp is situated at a beautiful spot by the shore among juniper bushes and pastures. The area belongs to territory of Kihnu-Väinamere park, which is very similar to Saaremaa island. Just watching 3 meters high juniper trees and fireflies swarming around bushes in a summer night will uplift your mood and make you feel great and grateful. The camp is hidden in the bush and provides complete privacy, quiet and piece to its guests. But, for the groups of people who feel like relaxing and expressing fully, whatever they feel like expressing, without driving neighbors mad, camp gives this possibility too, on the condition, you rent  the whole camp. Camp provides a possibility to celebrate summer days, big family gatherings and parties, corporate parties, etc. Main building could be booked as well, and in case needed. The main building and little camper houses are simple and made of natural materials.

In older days nobody could imagine sauna without a special “broom” (made out of birch or oak top branches, with leaves intact, used as a massage medium), nowadays one might have a hard time trying to find a sauna where one will be allowed to use a “broom”. Sauna inside the main building of Jaaguranna offers you a “broom” option, as well as a possibility to dip into the pool with icy spring water just inside the building.
Jaaguranna is amazingly beautiful in any time of the year. Summer makes you watching the sea ans swans, meadows with boulders… At winter, through the glass doors of warm camper houses you can meditate on frozen ice over the gulf. At winter we often receive fans of ice-fishing.
You can visit us and stay in Jaaguranna with you pets, there are plenty of space around, where you can let your pet feel free running around.
Jaagurannas homestead has: 7  bungalows with 2 beds and 2 plank-beds, bon-fire place, camping area, showers and toilets, “indian sauna” – sweat lodge.
Jaaguranna main building has: sauna and shower, hall for 30 people, massage facility.
Jaaguranna Flower Camp activities: sports court, campfire, pond and the sea, corporate parties, birthday, wedding parties, picnics, etc.
Jaaguranna’s pricelist:
Accommodation in double bungalows:
One bed and breakfast 30
​The price includes:
  • Bedclothes
  • Towel
  • Robe
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Washing machine and washing powder 
Tent at the camping area:
Tent rental for one person at night       20
 With own tent one  person at night      15€
The price includes:
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Towel
  • One hour         10€
  • Two hours       15€
  • Three hours     20
  • Sauna has a pool with cold spring water.

For clients who does not wish accommodation  6€ 

The price includes:

  • Towel
  • Soap
  • Shampoo 
Campfire place, with fire wood:
  • One hour 5€
Massage :
  • Classical massage                                30€ per hour
  • Classical massage with manual therapy  50 per hour
  • Wooden churts Saliste -       2km
  • 500-years old pine-tree -       3km
  • There are Munalaiu harbor - 7km
  • There is beautifully restored Tõstama manor house - 10 km
  • There are tunes of former sea Litorina. Now there are pine-forest on it and behind that you can enjoy marsh landscape.
  • If you have missed or came too early to get a ferry to Kihnu island – Welcome to Jaaguranna for a cup of coffee.



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