Jaak Tomsoni Lillestuudio
That is a one man spunky venture which contains the accommodation
for travelers, sharing flower arrangements knowledges, making flower
decorations for different events, shaping home garden trees and also
good relaxing massage is available when needed.
There are good friends also take care that all these doings were successful. 
Hosting Service in the beautiful seaside Lille camp Jaaguranna at Pärnu
County. As an additional service can be ordered Indian bath, sauna,
massage, nature hikes.

Flower Arrangement Courses in Jaaguranna Lille camp.
Courses can also be ordered year-round all over Estonia and elsewhere.
Bridal Design service includes consulting for the bride 
also different ornaments, wreaths and bridal bouquets,
car decorations, church altars and nature altars designing.
Funeral Flowers service includes wreaths, bouquets, consolation
bouquets, coffin and urn ornaments.
Fruit Trees and Hedges, work includes fruit trees cutting and strain
treatments, hedge pruning and also pest control in the carden, that
on all over Estonia.
Classical Massage is the most traditional and common type of
massage based on Swedish massage.