Jaaguranna Lillelaager

Jaaguranna Lillelaager, 50 kilometres from Pärnu, is located in a place surrounded by beautiful nature and pastures filled with junipers. Jaaguranna is sufficienty far from neighbouring farms to offer excellent possibilities of relaxation for visitors, who enjoy peace and quiet and also enjoy romantic sea view.


Cabin houses of Jaaguranna Lillelaager
7 cabins named after flowers, each of with sleeps four – two in beds and two in bunk beds. Shower and toilet facilities are separately

Main house of Jaaguranna Lillelaager
a sauna and a shower (whisking is also possible in the sauna), massage room, a reception hall for 30 people

Courtyard of Jaaguranna Lillelaager
Sports area, a bonfire site, a pavilion, a sweat lodge, pond and a view of the sea

Sightseeing spots nearby

Seliste wooden church
Distance: 2 km

Tõrvanõmme pine tree (500 years old)
Distance: 3km

Munalaiu harbour
Distance: 7km

Tõstamaa Manor
A gorgeous restored manor house
Distance: 7 km

While travelling the road, one may admire the sand dunes of what once was the Litorina sea, but that is now covered by a pine forest that in turn offers the possibility of enjoying a beautiful bog landscape.

Name of the Service Price
Accommodation in a cabin house intended for two
Cabin house
1 bed space + breakfast
Bed for children 3-16 years
Children up to 3 years

100.00 €
50.00 €
10.00 €
Using a personal tent, one person
The price includes: breakfast, shower.
25.00 €
Massage package
The price includes accommodation, breakfast and a one-hour massage
120.00 €
Additional possibilities
Sauna 50.00 €/h
Native American sauna:
Also known as a sweat lodgeis prepared to order, providing that there are enough participants (at least five people) in Jaaguranna Lillelaager or across Estonia, if the person ordering the sauna has a suitable location. The sauna is easily set up wherever the customer requests.
Price agreed upon
For visitors, who do not require accommodation, but wish to use the shower facilities
The price includes: towel, soap, shampoo
10.00 €
Bonfire site
Making a bonfire
20.00 €/h

"If you miss the ferry to Kihnu or find that you have arrived at the harbour way too early, then you should know that a warm welcome awaits you in Jaaguranna!"